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The Pottery Shop features work by Clive and Caroline as well as a range of other
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Blue Glaze

Clive’s Blue Glaze

The lovely blue glaze on most of my pots can vary a great deal. There are many variables due to the thickness of the glaze but the main reason is the atmosphere in the Kiln can vary from one part of the Kiln to another; it is all to do with the amount of O2 present. The blues work better with little O2, a process called ‘Reduction’. There are two or three glazes laid one over another. ¬†One of these contains ‘Copper Oxide’, without which the blues would not be created, Wood Ash from our wood burner at home is another main constituent.
The main ingredients are Potash, Felspar, Copper Oxide, China Clay, Wood Ash, Flint and Ball Clay.

When it comes down to it the ‘Firing’ is the most important issue as gas is used and therefore the amount of ‘Reduction’ can be carefully controlled by varying the the amount of air entering the Kiln. Every single firing is different due to the human element and judgement at the time but that also gives us the great variations in colour – Not a bad thing!
Clive Pearson